IPv6 support for libnet


Libnet is a C library that provides a high-level API (toolkit) allowing the application programmer to construct and inject network packets. Libnet has a poor and partial IPv6 support but it continues to be widely used. It is for that reason that I decided to review and integrate IPv6 support into libnet. At the moment I have tried to contact Mike D. Schiffman to add my changes into libnet but unfortunately I have not got any answers. So I provide on this webpage a patch against version (lastest stable) and a working snapshot of libnet with IPv6 support.

How to apply ?

$ fetch
$ tar xzvf libnet.tar.gz
$ fetch
$ patch -p0 < libnet6-
$ ./configure && make
# make install



Here are some basic samples not included in the patch (smallest size).

Programs that use libnet6


Clément Lecigne <> is the patch author. Mike D. Schiffman is the author of libnet.

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